R-809M2 VHF Radiostation

R-809M2 VHF Radiostation for the identified first air zone. We used mostly just as a backup radio for the connection with the aircraft on short distances. The radio is equipped with the semiconductor outside of the output stage of the transmitter, which is fitted with 3x used 1P24. Range of working frequencies 100MHz – 149,975 MHz adjustable using the radio buttons in the grid of around 25kHz. A total of 2000 channels. The receiver radio is a superhet with dvojímsměšováním and his involvement is the same as for the receiver type R-870M. The declared RF output of the transmitter is 500mW. The receiver and oscillator is solved exactly the same as receiver for R-870M. The radio station was supplied speaker with built-in active amplifier. The supply voltage to the station is 11 – 13,5 V can be powered in two ways. Of the two accumulators 2NKN-24 in a separate box. Power source from the network 220/127V AC. This source can even recharge the battery block containing the battery 2NKN-24. Power consumption of the radio during transmission is about 12W.